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About Us

Making Law Easy for people, just like you.

Many people and businesses need legal help. But they don’t receive the assistance they need because of high costs and the complexity of dealing with the law.

At Wukla, we wish to change things by making Law Easy – by combining law with technology to make legal services more affordable, simple to use and available to more people than ever before. Every day we at Wukla spend our time and resources to make it easy for people to get the legal help they need. We are proud of the service we have built and we hope many people come to rely upon Wukla.

We offer a growing number of customisable legal documents, through Create Agreements, delivered direct to your door across Pakistan, printed on stamp paper ready to be signed. We also know there’s no replacement for qualified advocates. Through Ask a Lawyer, your legal problems are passed onto our panel of leading advocates who are here to help. In future, we hope to provide even more exciting and useful services – but if you need something personalised for you, get in touch and we will work with you to bring convenient technology based solutions for your legal problems.

Our commitment to affordable and accessible legal services is at the core of what we do. Many would agree that much can and should be done to improve access to the law by reducing cost and complexity. We invite you to try our service and see Wukla ka kamal!