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With a motive of making access to law easy for everyone in Pakistan, Wukla was formed in 2015. Our Co-founders are distinguished individuals holding tremendous amount of knowledge about every aspect of law on a mission to provide legal assistance with the lowest possible cost and simplifying the complexity of every matter. To provide ease of access, we combined Law with Technology and added just the right amount of resources on our website. Now you can customize legal documents and have them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan.

Revolutionary Features

Each and Every feature incorporated in the Wukla platform has been tested for it's credibility and importance with the consumer. So sign up and let Wukla do its magic!

Intuitive Dashboard

View, understand and analyze your contracts through our modern dashboard.

Integrated e-signatures

Wukla is seamlessly integrated with Paksign enabling you to make and sign documents on the go.

Redundancy Reduction

Our redundancy elimination software enables you to input information only once, automatically filling out fields requiring the same information.

Audit Trail

Be confident that an audit trail for each document can be extracted, with useful details such as who signed a document, when and where.

Device Friendly

Compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops and PC’s allowing you to sign wherever and whenever.


Choose which agreements you want to create from our extensive agreement directory.


HBL Innovation Challenge 2017 Pasha 2016 ICT Awards


If you haven’t already seen our partner Paksign, try it out now !

A one-stop contract
management solution

Now delight your employees and customers with a beautiful experience of contract creation and management with everything integrated perfectly in the Wukla platform.

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Simple Input,Complex Output

Imagine being able to edit all your contracts at one place, accessible from a click of a button all while being secure. Stop imagining, that's wukla for you. Not only is Wukla a powerful platform for creating and reviewing legal documents, it is also linked with Paksign allowing you to sign digitally as well. The best part? Its all legal. Here's how it works.

Create Agreements

Choose which agreement you want to create from our extensive directory and fill out the relevant information in space provided.

Review & Sign

Once you've filled out the information you will be directed to the review page where you can also see what the information entered will look like on stamp paper. Next, sign the document digitally through our seamless integration with Paksign.


After signing, submit the agreement and you can download it as a copy. The document generated will also be kept as a copy on the wukla dashboard for your ease. It's that simple.

Payment Packages

We at Wukla understand that while our corporate clients have a need for hundreds of agreements to be created daily, small business users might not. Thus our payment packages are formulated on a variety of users with an option to formulate your own need-based package too!


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  • Senders 1
  • Document Signings 10
  • Document Format PDF Only
  • Generations 10
  • Alerts No
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Optimized services, Optimized Rates


  • Senders 3
  • Document Signings Unlimited
  • Document Format PDF & Word
  • Generations Unlimited
  • Alerts Yes
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Customizable services with special priviliges. Get only what you need.

  • Senders 5
  • Document Signings Unlimited
  • Document Format PDF & Word
  • Industry Templates Unlimited Access
  • Personalize your experience Add your desired services
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Clients & Partners

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“A first of its kind startup offering online legal service in Pakistan.”

“We all know that getting hold of good legal services in Pakistan is no easy task”

“Promising Hassle-free services at one click, Pakistan's first online legal service...”

“...The lawyer duo plans on making law “easy” for the common man.”

“Wukla is starting with services which address the concerns of most people.”

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